Benefits of Kundalini Yoga for the Human Being

Most people in the West tend to think of Sahaja Yoga as a kind of meditation, and not a sort of yoga exercise. In reality, it’s often described as “an ancient, esoteric form of yoga” in the United States. The underlying concept behind this ancient practice is to bring about self-realization and “a deeper understanding of the inner self” through mental Stillness, instead of through sequences of difficult postures on a hard mat. The focus is on deep internal breathing and learning to listen to the body in order to release mental tension, as well as to bring more health and vitality into ones daily life.

This practice consists of several aspects, which all work together to promote health and well-being: purifying energy centers (chakras), opening mental blocks (bullas), and centering oneself (trachea). The first two aspects are concerned with opening the chakras. These energy centers are located inside the body, along energy pathways, and help to regulate the functioning of our minds and bodies. They can become blocked due to emotional trauma, as well as from extreme physical stress. As well, they can become unbalanced and therefore weaken our overall energy center, along with our ability to sense and respond to others.

An important aspect of sahaja yoga is to purify these energy centers. A highly advanced form of meditation which incorporates the use of yoga, Kundalini Yoga and deep relaxation techniques, Sahaja Yoga works to reduce stress and increase energy by cleansing the internal body system of toxins. It is also used to help individuals who are suffering from serious ailments such as cancer, as well as those suffering from serious depression. By practicing yoga and meditation regularly, you can develop inner peace, along with a higher level of overall health and well-being. Many people who begin to practice this type of meditation find that they have greater control over their emotions, and a greater ability to be resilient when facing challenges in their lives.

Another benefit of Sahaja Yoga is thoughtless awareness. The purpose of yoga meditation is to focus your mind on an object, sound, or feeling so that your attention does not wander. While this may seem counterintuitive for those who experience constant stress, this is the most beneficial aspect of yoga meditation for those who are looking to live a less stressed out life. Think of your thoughts as running through a hamster wheel, on a continuous inner journey. In the same way that the hamster keeps changing its direction so it can escape from the cage, you constantly change your thoughts and experience different thoughts in your daily life. Through yoga meditation, you can focus your thoughts and experiences away from your stressful thoughts, thus reducing the stress that you experience on a day to day basis.

Sahaja Yoga also utilizes the power of self-realization. When you meditate, you become aware of your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. However, some of us are so caught up in our daily lives that these subtle changes do not register with us. For those of us with a difficult situation, we may feel our lives spinning out of control, our thoughts racing faster than the wheels of our car, and our bodies growing tense and tired. This is because we are not paying attention to ourselves, and by extension, we are not experiencing self realization. Sahaja Yoga works hard to help you realize your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Once you learn how to turn your attention inward, you will also learn how to turn your mind off to your stressors. In Sahaja Yoga, you are taught how to release the thoughts and emotions that you experience when you are faced with a challenging situation, thus creating space between the stressful object or situation, and yourself. The cool breeze from the ocean will be with you as you shift from one side of your body to the other, allowing divine power to flow through you. As you remain deeply relaxed in this position, you will come to realize that you have nothing to fear and nothing to lose as you come to a place of peace, divine realization, and inner bliss.

Sahaja Yoga and the benefits of meditation go hand-in-hand. These two aspects of yoga are designed to support each other in creating a sound, healthy lifestyle. The health benefits of Sahaja Yoga include the release of mental and emotional stress, better sleep and improved vitality levels. You can improve your concentration and reduce anxiety levels as you enjoy the relaxing health benefits of yoga meditation.

Aerial yoga is an excellent way for the yogi to align himself or herself and will allow you to appreciate the health benefits of yoga and calm your mind and body. When you practice aerial yoga, you will become acutely aware of your chakras, or energy centers. By following the instructions of the tantra master, you will also develop the awareness of the mind-body connection and your personal power, which are essential to the path toward self-actualization.


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