Can Nude Yoga Classes Help You Reach Your Health and Fitness Goals?


The origin of nude/naked yoga

Nude yoga has its origin in India. It originated around 500 B.C. and is still a popular practice today. Naked yoga was first called yogic yoga and used clothing was common. It was called ‘saparikol’ by the Ancient Greeks and referred to the clothing worn during yoga sessions.

True sense of naked yoga

The practice is called ‘naturism’ by some and ‘naturism’ by others. Nudity comes from the Sanskrit word meaning nature, and ‘naturism’ means ‘appearance closely resembling nature’. In other words, naked yoga is simply the wearing of garments that do not restrict freedom of movement, pose or assist in any way with yoga poses. It’s not comparable to locker room style yoga where one would wear a towel and change into a top or bottom piece.

Precautions while preforming naked yoga

In practicing naked yoga, the clothing is optional and often poses are supported without using straps, pads, blocks or straps. Many styles of yoga, such as vinyls, are very flowing and smooth which does not require a great deal of clothing. For those who are practicing a flowing type of yoga it is important to use a large amount of clothing as the flow will be better if you have a large amount of clothing to pull over your body. In this case, it could be very helpful to wear a towel or similar item to help you assist with the flow.

In practicing naked yoga, there is no requirement for spectators or fellow students to provide support. If you choose a studio that offers this style of class, you may want to bring a friend or partner who will provide support when you need it. This will not be required of you if you chose to practice in private. However, this option may be more difficult if you are practicing in a studio where it is mandatory for spectators.

If you do decide to practice in a studio where spectators are required to watch you, be aware that you may have to remove your clothes and change into a top or bottom piece of clothing before your class begins. This may cause you discomfort or embarrassment. Therefore, it is important that you check with the studio beforehand to find out their policy on wearing clothes in the nude. Another option is to buy a similar item to wear instead of using clothes. A popular item that many people use is a pair of shorts or even leggings.

If the studio you choose does not allow spectators, then you will need to be able to tell your audience that you are performing “naked yoga poses“. One way to accomplish this is to include pictures of you performing the various poses. If you live near a large city, this option may be best because chances are that there is a studio that shows these types of naked yoga poses regularly. Even if you can’t find a studio that displays these pictures of naked yoga poses, you can usually find images of them online.

Got the basics – You are good to go!

Once you feel comfortable and confident in your ability to perform in front of a room full of people, then you may be ready to reveal just a little bit of yourself. Again, don’t be ashamed to show a little skin as long as you are still being comfortable and able to practice your various naked yoga poses. There is nothing wrong with feeling a little embarrassed as long as you know that you can still practice safely and effectively when there are witnesses. If you are still in the comfort zone when revealing a little bit of your body, then you can definitely practice as naked as long as you do not expose yourself to others.

If you have never taken naked yoga classes before, I encourage you to do so. The only thing I can tell you about is that they are great for improving your flexibility and body awareness. If you have already taken a few naked yoga classes and you are still in a rut, then you may want to try doing a few repetitions from the privacy of your own home. This is a great way to enjoy yoga in a safe environment at your own convenience. It may even inspire you to take it to the next level and enroll in a studio!


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