Chakrasana Yoga – 3 Precautions Before You Begin!

Chakrasana Yoga is an ideal arena to be included in your yoga routine. It’s an easy back bend asana exercise and is the beginning pose of the final series in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, otherwise known as yoga. It provides good flexibility for the back. In gymnastics and acrobatic arts this posture is also known as a bridge. It’s not just a stretch; this asana has healing benefits as well.

For the purpose of explanation let’s assume you’re in good health with flexible hips and thighs. (If not you need to try adjusting them.) The first step is to stand in front of a wall, preferably in an upright one. Arms should be at sides but relaxed. Your palms should be resting on the sides of your hands should be approximately shoulder width apart. You are ready to do bananas (postures) with your arms extended forward.

Next move your arms so that your hands now face each other and your hands are outstretched and slightly forward. Your palms should be facing the floor but don’t lock them. Now imagine the muscles of your torso and their wide network of nerves as a kind of energy field running through your body. Energy flowing in your body in the direction of your spinal column, through your arms and through your wrists.

If your mind wanders here are some precautions: don’t hold your breath. Breathe out through your nose and out through your mouth, just like you breathe in and out when you sit. Don’t cross your legs; just imagine a straight line between your feet and the floor, with your toes touching the floor. Use your hands to support yourself in this pose.

Chakrasana yoga benefits also include a wonderful stretch of the lower back, which helps to open up space for the kidneys and liver to function more effectively. The hips become firm and relaxed and allow room for the internal organs to perform their duties. In pranayama (breathing), the respiratory muscles and tissues are gently stretching upward and out to expand and contract as air is pulled in through the nostrils and out through the mouth.

Arms, legs, shoulders and even the tail can be opening up as a whole, leaving the heart as a smooth, open cavity, like a fountain. When the right side is opened up completely, it radiates energy down into the rest of the body, including the lower back, the abdomen and the kidneys. The right side is not only good for the digestion of food, but it also increases the strength of the immune system. As the energy flows from the inside to the outside, negative energy is removed from the body.

The third chakra, located in the genitals, is often ignored or mistaken as an ‘invisible’ chakra. As mentioned above, the left and right sides can be bent in Chakrasana Yoga, but the most amazing aspect of this posture is that the male and female energy is equally supported and strengthened! While the genitals may appear dormant, they are filled with powerful energy! This is one of the major benefits of practicing this type of yoga sequences, and it helps to balance the masculine and feminine energy within the body. It’s also extremely relaxing!

The greatest benefit of chakrasana is the way it supports and balances the breath. Just as breathing in and out throughout the day keeps the entire circulatory system working correctly, proper breathing in and out during yoga sequences can help to maintain healthy blood pressure, even after an intense workout. The more you learn about the importance of keeping your Chakrasana in great condition, the more relaxed and energetic you will feel, and the less stress you will have… which is something everyone should strive for.

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