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Discovering a Unique Attraction


Isha Yoga is a small Yoga Center located at Alagar Dargah in Coimbatore. This is a new location for Iya Yoga. Previously, IYashi Yoga was at Matrimony Road, Chennai. Now it has shifted to its new location in Coimbatore. You can find many students at IYashi Yoga here.

IYashi is a very famous IYAG (Indian International Yoga Academy) based in Chennai. Its sister organizations are also located at Coimbatore and at Bangalore. IYAG is dedicated to providing world class training for the practicing yogis. The other important centers in Tamil Nadu are Atithi Yogic School, Ayurvedic College, and Vypin College. All these yogic centers provide various types of yoga center classes and training.

The IYashi Yoga Center in Coimbatore is very close to the heart of all the famous IYAG training centers. Classes at IYashi are on full par with their counterparts at Chennai and Madurai. The IYashi center in Coimbatore offers classes in relaxation therapy, Iyengar, Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga, Hatha yoga and Ashtanga. All these classes are accompanied by beautiful instructors and the surroundings are just like an IYAG class room.

You can find many students at IYashi center for training in Hatha yoga. This is because the teachers here are trained as well as experienced in this field. The environment is peaceful, which is conducive for a more tranquil yoga experience.

The second most popular yoga center is at Coimbatore. It is almost 2 kms away from the IYashi center and is located in a very affluent locality. You will get a great blend of the quiet and the bustling nature of Tamil Nadu. The main attraction of this yoga center is the presence of the renowned G. S. D. Naidu, who is the most talented and respected instructor. He has trained some of the finest athletes here and is very much popular among the athletes here.

In the course of your studies at any of these training centers you will learn the art of Iyengar. Iyengar is probably the most challenging yoga style and involves a lot of strength and stretching exercises. Other than this, you will also be taught to meditate in a very deep way. These yoga training centers offer various other yoga programs which will help you to make you fit and healthy. Besides this they will also provide you guidance regarding diet and nutrition.

If you wish to experience an intense yoga session at an Isha yoga center then you can check out the Yama Yoga Center at Chennai. This is one of the leading Isha yoga centers located in Chennai and is well renowned for its peaceful ambience and excellent instructor base. Here you will get to know many other yoga styles besides Iyengar. The students here include people from all over India and Sri Lanka. It is not possible for every person to join this Isha yoga center in Chennai but if you are serious about your yoga and wish to learn about other styles of yoga then you can easily check out other centers located nearby. However, if you come to Chennai and want to take part in one of the challenging Iyengar classes then you can’t afford to miss it.

In the heart of South India is the charming city of Coimbatore. It is famous as the ‘Lovers Paradise’ and has been the capital of Tamil Nadu since ancient time. This is the only state that has a cross-section of different cultures – rich and poor, educated and artisanal. The best feature of this city is that it is home to numerous isha yoga centers. So if you wish to learn more about this yoga practice or enjoy some challenging exercise at the comfort of your home, you can easily check out any of the Isha yoga centers in Coimbatore.



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