Father of Modern Yoga – Vimala Swarup

The founder of the discipline of Ashtanga, B.K.S. Naidu was once a humble truck driver from an india called “Myers”. He was born in a poor family in India’s borderlands and was separated from his father at birth due to his mother’s marriage to an American soldier. It was a traumatic experience for him as his mother was repeatedly subjected to physical and mental abuse. Naidu came to know about yoga and its various disciplines while studying in Patanjali’s ‘ilkas’ or ancient texts. After leaving school, he started a family of his own and later got a rewarding job as a driver for a moving company.

Father of Modern Yoga is a blend of various sages including Patanjali and B.K.S.Naidu. Its main aim is to develop the mind and soul so as to achieve inner enlightenment. Father of Modern Yoga was supposed to be a replacement for the father of meditation by his student B.K.S.Naidu. However, this great philosopher Naidu always remained a great admirer of the father of modern yoga and he also went on to become a great scholar. Naidu taught some of the finest arias in the history of yoga and he even wrote several books on the subject.

B.K.S.Naidu’s father of modern yoga sutras are meant for everyone irrespective of the age and level of physical and mental well being. All you need is a quiet mind to sit with palms resting on your lap and a pure heart as the motivation for the practice. Being simple is the key to becoming a sage. Even after being a yogi, you can still practice yoga and help others along the way. The purpose of teaching Yoga is not to make you a guru, but it’s to keep you attached to the true meaning of Yoga which is, ‘To serve humanity in all its aspects’.

The father of modern yoga was very humble yogi who never thought that he would turn into an icon of an institution like the International Yoga Federation. He started this organization with other yogis from his ashram in Rajpuri, India. Though many people are skeptical about the father of modern yoga, most of them cannot deny the fact that he was a true yogi and a very experienced teacher with a very pure mind.

He started off with a small school in Nanda, India called ‘Maharishi Birla Swami.’ He later on added much more to this school of thought and named it after himself. The main aim of this school was to bring back the pure spiritualism of Patanjali’s yoga sutras into modern day life. However, the father of modern yoga had other motives in mind and that is why he started this ashram in Rajpuri.

The father of modern yoga was very pure yogi and believed in practicing yoga sutras sincerely and without any selfish or ego-driven motives. He felt that when you do as you are told, you will automatically achieve your purpose. That is why he only accepted students who were truly sincere in wanting to practice these asanas. Also he did not believe in forcing new asanas and pranayama on people who did not want it.

The father of modern yoga also wanted to make the learning of yoga more dynamic as time went on. That is why he introduced a mix of various asanas in one class so that students could benefit from a mix of different kinds of bananas. He was also a great lover of dynamic dance and was a master at various forms of it. He introduced various forms of Dhanushas which were postures and breathing techniques which were a great source of strength and power for dancers. Thus he was the great creator of Ashtanga yoga.

The father of modern yoga was Vimala Swarup who changed it into a more fluid kind of a practice with more flexibility. However he kept the basic principles of yoga such as, the hyena and the pranayama. However he added certain positions such as the camel pose, where the yogi lies on his face while picking up his hands and the supported arm behind the body. Another important addition which helped in making the modern yoga more dynamic was the floating posture which was a combination of poses done in water. Some other additions made to the original teachings included chanting and rosary beads, which allowed the yogi to meditate more easily.


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