Father of Yoga – A Brief Overview


If we take a glance back at the history of yoga, we can certainly recognize that the father of yoga is Lord Sri Krishna. He alone was able to establish the true meaning and significance of yoga. Therefore, people consider him as the true founder of yoga. The true worth of yoga can be known only when one gets in touch with him or visits him. This is the reason why people are always in search of a yoga teacher.

The father of yoga is Lord Krishna. He was simply the one who gave true yoga science to this world. Actually, there are more than 180 complete sutras in which Yoga has been discussed. All these yoga sutras are written by the previous yogis. However, not all the scriptures are approved for practice.

According to the books of India, the father of yoga is Sri Krishna. These books say that the original scriptures were composed by his son, Lord Krishna. Therefore, it is believed that the father of yoga is Sri Krishna. The scripture on the other hand says that Lord Krishna created yoga sutras for the benefit of all humanity. This can be further concluded from the fact that the scripture refers to the second cycle of development after the first yogi enlightenment.

The father of yoga continues to inspire the younger generations even after his death. Even today, people are constantly searching for the Lord Krishna and are following in his footsteps. This is because the original teachings of the father of yoga include eight limbs which are meant to lead to Nirvana. Therefore, this is also considered as the third eye of the humans.

In modern times, when the father of yoga continues to inspire people from different parts of the country, this is no longer a part of the exclusive domain of the RSS. Instead, people have come to realize the need for yoga sutras to be preserved in their country. Most of the Indian states have taken up activities to protect the sacred writings of the lord Krishna. This is the reason why presently you will find a thriving yoga industry all across the country.

As we all know, Lord Krishna is the god of yoga and he has been described as the lord of meditation, yoga and alchemy. The father of yoga continues to guide people through his unique words. This is the reason why the scripture referring to meditation is referred to as the meditation sutras. Furthermore, the father of yoga refers to his original teachings when he says that solitude is the essence of yoga. People can get true freedom only when they give up the concept of materialism and think of themselves as individuals.

However, there are differences between the father of yoga and the yoga sutras. The latter’s main objective is to help people develop self-awareness and spirituality. They are more oriented towards helping people reach their natal origin or the eternal substance known as ‘Siva’. The original Sanskrit yoga sutras were mainly written in Sanskrit language. To understand them, one needs to have an understanding of the Sanskrit alphabet.

This is the main purpose behind the translators translating the Sanskrit word into English. It is not the translator’s job to understand what the lord was trying to convey. Rather, the translation is done keeping the context in mind so that the meaning of the sentence is made clear. This means that the translations make the meaning clearer for people who cannot understand the original Sanskrit text. Hence, the father of yoga is one of the most profound texts ever written in the ancient ayurvedic books.


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