Great Benefits of Trikonasana

Trikonasana is one of the three Sushritis or the three Indian poses. The Trikonasana is often called as the God’s pose or the Mother of the Pose. It is the fourth most popular posture in yoga.

Trikonasana has been in existence since ancient times. It can be found in the Rig Veda and the Charaka Samhita. This pose is usually performed while lying flat on your back with your legs extended. The position is said to enhance the power of the mind and to stimulate the Kundalini.

Trikonasana has a specific meaning in the Yoga Sutras and it tells us that it is meant for meditation. In fact, it is the first of the three great mantras in the Yoga Sutras. The term Trikonasana originates from the word “Trik” (three). It is meant for refinement and enrichment of the senses. As such, it helps in achieving self-awareness of others.

Trikonasana improves strength of the spinal muscles. As it is a standing pose, it tones the spine and improves the body posture. It increases the flexibility of the muscles of the trunk and neck. It also strengthens the diaphragm and ribcage. It elongates the spine and eases the internal organs. It also gives a magnificent experience to the person.

Trikonasana is a wonderful means of improving the posture. It helps to build up the body strength by focusing only on the center of the body. You can use this center to pull down all your organs, including the liver, kidneys and spleen.

As a result, you get greater efficiency in the elimination of wastes from your body. Trikonasana also works on the reflex points of the body. It improves the functioning of the adrenal glands and other internal organs.

It is a very good way of relaxing your mind. The Trikonasana is a very effective means of reducing mental tension and stress. This pose helps to increase your mental stability and endurance. It is a very good pose for meditation as it brings about inner peace.

Trikonasana has a lot of benefits. These are: It increases physical and mental strength and improves overall health. It facilitates a mind-blowing experience. It gives wonderful therapeutic effect and is an excellent method of improving the mind-body connection.

Trikonasana has been in practice since the fourth century BC by the Indian yogis. It is one of the major yoga postures that strengthen the whole body. In India, Trikonasana is known as “the chair of wealth.” In ancient times, this posture was used by royal individuals to improve their mental and physical state. Kings were regularly entertained and received massage to prepare for battles by listening to music, drinking wine and meditating in Trikonasana.

Trikonasana is composed of three main poses: the Standard Trikonasana, the extended Trikonasana and the Bent Leg Trikonasana. The Standard Trikonasana is the one that is most often performed. In this pose, your legs are straight and your knees are slightly bent at the knee. Your chest should be high and your head should be level with the floor. Your palms should be placed on the floor next to the heart. In this position, the muscles of the trunk and neck are activated efficiently.

The extended Trikonasana increases the length of your spine and opens the ribcage. It also opens the chest and traps the large muscle groups of the trunk and allows the blood to flow smoothly in the coronary arteries. This pose provides excellent cardiovascular benefits because the heart is activated and gets proper blood flow. The extended Trikonasana also strengthens the thighs, the hamstrings and the back.

In the Bent Leg Trikonasana, you keep your legs straight and your feet slightly raised on to the floor. The upper part of the spine is stretched out and the abdomen opens up. The lower part of the spine stays firm. This pose can be practiced with or without a yoga block.

With constant practice of Trikonasana, pains in the legs can be reduced. People who have flat feet tend to have backaches and problems with the legs. For people with high arches, the problem of flat feet can be overcome by doing the Ashtanga Trikonasana. If you feel that the pain is still there, then you can add more yoga postures to your daily routine.

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