Happy Marriage With Two Planets From Budh Aditya Yoga

The term “Buddha,” in Sanskrit, is derived from the Sanskrit word “Budha” meaning sweet music or harmony. The meaning of this word, according to Shastra is: unity; equality; dissimilarity; perfect harmony. So, the most significant factor for spiritual success is that both cosmoses must be in harmonious union. If one is malefic and the other blissful, it will not lead to a successful budh aditya yoga, because the influence of the evil planet can negate the beneficial effect of another planet. Therefore, although this term is widely used in yoga, it has its specific and exclusive meaning.

Although most of us imagine a scenario in which we are starting from a comfortable, but unhappy place, such as the residence of a rich friend or relative who is very difficult to influence. But, this is not the real-life situation, since if you want to succeed on your quest of self-actualization, you will have to get into the right, good position, as illustrated in the following example. If you would like to achieve financial wealth, you must be in a good position financially, because wealth is impossible to obtain without proper leverage, which only the people at the top of the pyramid have.

When you look in the morning’s sky and find the planet Saturn emitting a bright radiance, that also means you should find a profitable business. However, if you do not find a lucrative business, there could be several reasons for that. For example, your birth chart may indicate that you are not very intelligent. This could mean that you lack imagination and creativity. However, if you understand the nature of your physical body, you can easily use yoga to enhance your creativity and imagination and therefore gain wealth.

Saturn represents the planet Mercury and if your birth chart has Mercury present in it, you may have to face a lot of problems. This is because the planet Mercury rules over all material desires. If your Mercury planet is in an uptrend, then you will face difficulties such as a scarcity of money. However, if you learn yoga and get into a deep sense of self, you will be able to transform your life according to your desire, and therefore, transform your Mercury into a very strong, bright and successful rocket.

Let us now analyze the situation in detail. According to the classic, shastras, everyone born in the 8th house of a graph (earth) gets the sign of a person born in the sign of Mercury. Therefore, everyone having the sign of Mercury is considered a beneficiary of budh aditya yoga. Also, according to shastras, people with signs in the 8th house are highly liable to get into a fight (duly justified in self defense circumstances). Therefore, those who are blessed with good psychic abilities (by way of meditation or special talents like writers, artists, musicians, etc.) and who are also blessed with good financial resources can also benefit from this occult study.

People having their houses in the 8th house of a graph (the land of Saturn) will find that they are blessed with a steady and reliable income which will not change unless the market (the land of Mercury) rises. They will also have plenty of time to devote to their spiritual pursuits, as well as to building up their wealth through various business ventures. They will not have any major financial crises and will also have sufficient time to participate in various important events of world-wide renown. They will also have a keen intelligence and a sharp mind. The main purpose of yoga is to sharpen the senses (and hence increase the potentials of one’s intelligence), so that they can perceive with more acute clarity the true nature of things and their surrounding environments.

For people in the 8th house of a graph (the land of Mercury) and having a solid and stable financial status, there is no need to do anything special (although it would be nice to). On the contrary, they should do very little that does not fit in with the pattern of “normal” human life. So, for example, they should keep expenses low and save as much money as possible. They should also make sure that they do not get into an expensive and wasteful transport business. The chances of this will be minimal if one is married to a person having one of the planets (mars, earth, etc.)

If the two planets are not compatible, then either the birth chart or the individual (or both) of the two planets may not be compatible at all. However, this is very rare and if it does happen, the couple should quickly repair the problem. Therefore, a wise student should be able to keep a stable compatibility between these two planets and should be able to have a happy and fulfilling married life. This way they can bless their native planet with the best gift of yoga.


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