How to Perform Yoga on Sporty Beautiful Young Body

Janusirsasana yoga, is considered as the most beneficial sang for the people who are suffering from back and shoulder pain. The pose is often performed by people who have some problems in their body’s flexibility as well as their range of motion. The pose is also recommended by experienced yoga practitioners. This yoga posture is known as the “ananda” or the “holder” pose.

The most important thing to remember when performing this sportswear is that the young woman must be very flexible and her mind should also be very peaceful and tranquil. The young woman must be able to relax her body and mind during the whole asana. There are many kinds of yoga postures that she can perform, but she must choose one that will enable her to become calm and rested. One of the most difficult yoga poses that the young woman can perform is the kundalini pose.

The first thing that the beginner should learn when doing the janusirsasana is to sit on the floor with both of your hands on the ground. Keep your legs straight and your trunk straight with your head up. Your right leg should be at the front foot and your left leg at the back foot. Then place both of your hands on the knees, make sure that your thumbs gently touch each other.

Slowly lean forward and extend both of your arms. Your shoulders should not move when you do the janusirsasana pose. Hold the pose for two to three breaths. Sit in the same position while relaxing your mind.

When you feel comfortable enough, the second yoga posture for the treatment can be practiced. It is called utthita padottanasana or “inclined benches”. For this pose, the most important equipment is a chair that has a seat cushion or a low table. This table can be supported by wooden blocks placed underneath the table or on the floor.

After sitting on the floor, pull the front foot forward. The left leg will follow after the right. Then the young woman needs to cross her feet over the left and the right leg will take its direction as the left leg. The utthita padottanasana must be done in this way so that the torso does not lean too much to either side. This is also a suitable position for a lady to make love while her buttocks are lifted and her anus and vagina fully opened.

Next comes the third and final part of the yoga routine – the Sirsansana or “chair pose”. In this pose, the young woman will need to sit facing the wall with the back straight and the shoulders parallel to the floor. Her arms are placed on the wooden blocks at the bottom of the bench. Her buttocks are gently raised up and her knees drawn into the chest. The female’s hips are slightly open as she moves her head and neck to allow adequate room for her big toe. Her gaze rests naturally on the floor but watchfully, she scans the area below her navel.

The fourth and final step is the Sirsansana or “bridge pose”. This is one of the best poses to take while you are doing sporty beautiful young body yoga. The athletic woman should place her hands on the floor a few inches away from her heart. With an open chest, the female opens her abdomen wide. In this bridge position, it is easy for the woman to bring her large toes toward the chest and rest them there without allowing her head to tilt to one side.

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