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Joint Pain: These 8 mistakes are very heavy on the joints and bones, correct them immediately


(Bones and joint health) People often have the problem of joint pain during the winter season. As soon as the cold weather comes, such problems increase in the knee, heel, wrist, shoulder or elbow. Do you know that many of your everyday bad habits are also responsible for this. Throughout the day, we do not know how many mistakes we make which are dangerous for our joints and muscles.

Obesity – The connection of two different bones in the body is called joint. Experts say that increasing body weight is harmful for our joints. This also increases the risk of strain in the waist, toes or hips. Obesity also triggers the problem of inflammation in the body.

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Smoking or tobacco- Smoking or tobacco consumption can also increase the problem of joint pain. Experts say that the nicotine present in cigarettes or tobacco obstructs the blood flow reaching the joints and bones. Due to this the bones do not get enough calcium. In addition, it also destroys the hormone estrogen which is good for bone health. As a result, your bones become weak and pain starts in the joints.

Head Position- Often you must have seen people chatting on the phone for hours without moving their heads. But are you aware of the danger of this? Experts say, the position in which our neck and shoulders go while using the phone, is not right. In this position, if your chin is touching the chest, then understand that there is a weight of not one but 5 necks on your neck.

Finger licking – You must have seen many people around you interrupting for licking your fingers. According to a study, licking the fingers weakens the paws of the hand and the grip is also loose. It has a bad effect on the muscles and ligaments that hold bones together.

Sleeping on stomach – Sleeping on your stomach ie upside down on the bed can give you relief from snoring, but it pushes your head backwards. It also has a bad effect on the spine. In this position, your head remains in one direction for a long time. It has a very bad effect on your joints and muscles.

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Repeating the wrong position – Repeating the wrong position repeatedly while working at home or playing tennis has a bad effect on the joints. This causes overload on the muscles and pressure on the joints. In such a situation, you may have problems like tennis elbow.

Use of the wrong muscle – When you lift big or heavy things from a small muscle, it has a bad effect on your joints. For example, if you try to open a big door with the help of the finger instead of the shoulder, then the problem will definitely increase.

Burden on the shoulder – Walking with a heavy bag or purse hanging on the shoulders can also lead to shoulder or waist related injuries. It is even more wrong to hang a side bag over the shoulder. Due to this both the balance and movement of the body are affected. Due to this there is a lot of strain in the muscles and problems in the joints also increase.

Footwear- If a shoe is not supporting your toes or ankle, then it can be a matter of concern for the knees, hips and waist. Comfortable shoes for the foot also reduce the risk of sprains. A shoe that is too flexible or curved is also not good for the foot. With its use, the actual movement or twisting of the claw stops.

Do not stretch the body – Stretching the muscles keeps the flexibility of the body good. In such a situation, the risk of injury and joint pain is also reduced. By leaving it, you will not only become a victim of lethargy, but the problem in the muscles will also increase.



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