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Natarajasana Yoga – A Great Way to Reduce Abdominal Fat


Natarajasana Yoga is the most frequently used poses in Naira Yantra. This dynamic pose has been in use since ancient times and its benefits have been scientifically proven. In simple terms, Natarajasana Yoga means “one-leg stand”. Natarajasana also strengthens your core muscles, tones your legs and back and increases your flexibility.

Natarajasana Yoga is performed while facing the examiner (opposite). Some other variations of this pose are Parvalma-Parvalha, Sarvangasana and Uttanasana. Natarajasana is meant for stretching and maintaining the spine straight. Natarajasana is often done as an exercise routine and is usually performed before heavy load exercises like jogging, running and heavy weightlifting. A unique quality of this pose that sets it apart from other arenas is that it provides a complete physical workout for the entire body.

In yoga, one learns to stretch, align, flex, stretch and strengthen the internal organs by practicing certain Asanas or movements. For example, when you perform the Asana called Trikonasana (Triangle poses) or the Asana Prasarita Padottanasana (Extended straightening pose), you will stretch, align and flex your trunk and limbs, internally rotating the spine and moving your body weight to the right side. Similarly, when you perform the Asana called utthita trikonasana (Extended triangle pose) or the Asana Patalayasana (onetanga tadpoles pose), you will stretch, align and flex the trunk and limbs internally rotating the spine, moving the body weight to the left side.

Both the Asana and the Natarajasana have many health benefits for the human’s body and mind. The Asana and Natarajasana yoga sequences work on the nervous system by promoting better posture, increasing flexibility, increasing energy and vitality, lowering blood pressure and boosting the immune system. The Asana and Natarajasana also help you improve your posture and strengthen the muscles of your trunk, pelvis and abdomen.

The Natarajasana also helps you maintain good health due to its ability to increase the circulation of blood in your body and throughout your entire physique. This is very important because circulation is one of the primary means by which our body keeps itself fit. When blood flows well, oxygen and nutrients are carried to different parts of our body where they are needed. For example, your right arm uses the blood flow in your upper arm to extend and flex it while you are holding a fist and your left arm uses the blood flow in your left arm to flex and extend it. Thus, proper circulation of blood is important for the proper functioning of all parts of your body.

Natarajasana is often referred to as the lord of fishes or the king of fishes because it is positioned on the left side of your body. This position enables the dancer to stretch out his/her legs straight in front of him/her, thereby making the legs stronger and leaner. The dancer also has an amazing range of flexibility because he/she can stretch both the inner and outer thighs hips and buttocks without having to bend the knees. Thus, the natarajasana is perfect for those who want to have a strong mid-section that will make their physique look curvaceous and trim.

Natarajasana Yoga is a wonderful preparation for Bikram Yoga, the advanced level pose that works on strength, stretching and toning the muscles in your abdomen, hips, buttocks and thighs. In Bikram Yoga, you have to remain in this asana position for only ten to twenty minutes at a stretch. On the other hand, the asana called natarajasana is easier to do and requires only three to five minutes. However, if you want to practice the asana seriously, then you must perform it for half an hour each day. However, you must not stretch or do any strenuous activities when you are in this pose.

Natarajasana Yoga is a wonderful premeditated exercise that can help you lose extra fat in your abdominal organs and thighs. The left leg can be stretched straight forward and the right leg can be bent at the knee. The thigh can be lifted up and the abdomen can be stretched upwards. This will help you in removing the unnecessary fats from your waist and will eventually reduce your abdominal fats and weight.

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