Sit Up Straight With Virasana Yoga!

Virasana or Hero Pose asana is an advanced kneeling asana asanas exercise in modern hatha yoga. Medieval hatha yoga books describe a variant of the basic asana as Suvarna-Pindsweda-Parivrittami. Suvarna-Pindsweda-Parivrittami is another variation of Virasana that also requires the use of lotus flower and lotus petals. The name Suvarna-Pindsweda-Parivrittami means ‘all body posture’, ‘inclined-standing postures’ or ‘aligned-standing posture’.

Virasana as an exercise has its origin in the classical Kautilya yoga sequence. Kautilya described the process of elimination of desires through control of the senses. Kautilya describes five relaxing follow-up poses after mastering the first yoga poses. Among these, Virasana and Sukhasana are considering to be the best relaxing poses in a yoga sequence preparatory poses series.

In the Virasana, the body is extended with the legs straight and feet flexed at the toes. The arms are placed across the chest and the chin rests on the right shoulder. Eyes are closed while standing with heels touching the floor. The hips are pulled up slightly and the chest rises slightly too. This pulls the shoulders backwards and balances the entire body.

As the legs are stretched out straight, the toes of both feet are lifted up slightly. The entire body is then pulled towards the mid-point between the pelvis and the ribs. This brings the weight of the entire body and increases the power of all the internal organs to their utmost potential. Virasana increases the strength of the quadriceps, hamstrings and sartorius.

Since this is a very tall and lengthy pose, it requires a lot of concentration. This is why beginners should start off with small exercises to get the upper torso fully extended and the legs straight before going into this deep stretch. When holding the Virasana pose, the right hand can be placed on the left knee while the left hand is on the floor with the right leg raised on a chair.

This pose also helps in improving the balance between the mind and the body. It makes us feel light and relaxed as we concentrate on the inner core of our being. Yoga is based on the principle that we create our own universe. Anything that we think, feel or do come from somewhere else. Our thoughts and feelings are the outcome of a chain of events which begin with our birth and end with our death. Meditation on Virasana improves the flow of energy within our body and purifies all the nadis or channels by which energy is transmitted from the physical and spiritual realm to the sub-conscious and hence to the mind.

The standing position of Virasana makes us keep the spine straight and enhances the inward breathing method. In this position, the feet should be slightly raised on the balls of the feet. The hips should drop into the thighs parallel with the floor and the head should be kept ahead of the line of vision. The eyes should be closed slightly and the head gently puffed up. There is no need to bend the knees when doing this.

The ideal time for practicing Virasana yoga is just before going to sleep at night or when lying down because it allows the spine to lengthen even more. It cleanses the channels and makes sure that all toxins are drained out of the body. After a while, the hamstrings and the quadriceps will have shortened and there will be an opening in the lower abdomen. The sitting posture of this pose is very useful in drawing blood towards the liver, which rejuvenates the cells and frees them from poisons.

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