The Makarasana Yoga Sequence – A Perfect Exercise For Your Body

Makarasana or Crocodile posture is an ancient reclining asana which is also known as Indian Camel pose in modern yoga and postures. The origin of this pose can be traced back to the ancient Sanskrit literature and it describes the position of the trunk of the crocodile when it is bent over with the head resting at the bottom. This is the perfect pose for stretching out the whole of your body as it gives you perfect cardiovascular circulation, internal organs and a relaxed feeling. The Makarasana is perfect for toning your muscles as well.

In this post, we will be discussing the benefits of the makarasana pose for your lower and upper body. It is important that you have a firm core to support your knees and ankles. To do the pose properly, first you need to stretch your legs sufficiently so that you are sitting straight on the mat. With your hands placed at your sides, cross your arms and place one hand on the inner thigh of your opposite leg. Then, cross your other arm over the thigh you are now sitting on.

For a better view of this pose it is best to look straight up at the ceiling with both your eyes closed. You must also tilt your upper body to the right so that your shoulder tips are slightly higher than your left shoulder. Keep your back straight and hold for eight steps. At the end, your lower back should be facing the floor. For a clearer picture, imagine that you are balancing a yoga ball between your upper and lower body.

To get the maximum benefit of this pose you have to regularly perform this pose for at least thirty to fifty repetitions twice a week. Makarasana yoga benefits men and women equally. Men who have back pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulders as well as low back pain may especially benefit from this type of yoga. Low back pain is one of the most common reasons for visiting a chiropractor.

Another of the many makarasana benefits is for sufferers of sciatica. In this pose your legs are extended and your hands placed on the tops of your thighs. Your navel should be resting on a folded blanket or pillow. The top of your spine must be held erect as you inhale and exhale deeply.

The benefits of performing makarasana yoga are not limited to those already suffering from back or spine ailments. Those suffering from headaches, asthma, and sinus problems find this pose beneficial. It relives congestion in the nostrils and sinuses. This also makes it an excellent remedy for post nasal drip. It cleanses the lungs and air passages and reduces mucus production.

The benefits of this pose asana can also extend to those with chronic illness. In this specific arena, certain breathing techniques are required. As the practitioner exhales, the stomach contracts and expands, allowing air to enter the lungs. As the inhale is completed, the contraction decreases – allowing the lungs to draw in more air. By taking these two breaths while performing makarasana yoga, a feeling of comfort and well being can be experienced.

There are a number of ways that you can learn and perform this yoga sequence. You can either find a teacher in your area or look online for a beginner’s tutorial on yoga. Many Sanskrit books on yoga contain instructions for both beginners and advanced practitioners of this pose. Another option is to purchase a DVD on this particular yoga sequence that is specifically designed for beginners. It will contain basic instructions, plus explanations and explanation about the technical aspects of the poses and what you need to do to ensure safety and comfort. Regardless of how you learn this yoga sequence, you will benefit from it because it works with your body’s natural ability to heal itself.

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