These 10 symptoms and signs show that you are suffering from anxiety disorder, meet experts in time


These 10 signs and symptoms suggest that you are suffering from anxiety disorder. In such a situation, it is important that you do not take these symptoms lightly and meet the experts in time.

10 Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder Don’t Ignore

Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder: In the present-days environment, most of the people are complaining of Anxiety. In this era of Corona epidemic, many types of worries have become home in everyone’s mind. If someone is afraid of losing a job, then there is a worry that someone may not get corona. The concern of children’s career has also started haunting most of the people. But the more you worry about these things, this problem will increase even more. You will not understand when your anxiety problem became serious and when it took the form of anxiety disorder. Anxiety is simply reacting to a stressful life. For this simple anxiety does not take the form of any disorder, for this you must know some symptoms and signs. What is Anxiety Disorder can be dangerous, But it can be managed with the help of specialist. In such a situation, it is important that you first recognize the symptoms of anxiety disorder.

Anxiety disorder symptom feeling annoyed or agitated

If you feel anxious, annoyed, agitated, a part of your sympathetic nervous system becomes overactive, which can cause your pulse to increase. There may be more water in the palms. Hands will start trembling. Mouth will feel dry. These symptoms appear because your brain believes that you have sensed danger and is preparing your body to react to the threat.

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Feeling tired is a sign of anxiety disorder

Do you constantly feel tired? If so, it could be a symptom of an anxiety disorder. However, fatigue is felt in many other physical problems. Fatigue can also be felt due to lack of vitamin D in the body, insomnia, anemia, etc. If you feel tired all the time, then definitely consult a doctor at once.

Is panic attack an anxiety disorder?

A panic attack or disorder is also a type of anxiety disorder, in which a person experiences repeated panic attacks. Panic attacks produce an intense feeling of fear, which can be debilitating. You can recognize a panic attack by these symptoms, sweating, fast heart beat, trembling, trouble breathing, feeling nauseous. Panic attacks can occur as several separate events, but if they recur, they can be a sign of panic disorder.

Anxiety disorder symptom

Feeling restless is also one of the common symptoms of anxiety disorder. It is mostly seen in children and adolescents. However, this symptom is not seen in everyone with anxiety. First of all, the doctor tries to identify this symptom carefully in the diagnosis.

Worrying more is a sign of anxiety disorder

A person suffering from anxiety disorder or anxiety disorder starts worrying about anything beyond the limit. He starts worrying about the circumstances, events of every day. If such symptoms persist for 6 months continuously, then it can be difficult to control. In this you will find yourself unable to do your daily routine work or meditate.

There are also many types of phobias, symptoms of anxiety

If you have a fear of going to closed places, spiders, heights, then it is due to certain types of phobias. Any type of phobia comes under the realm of extreme anxiety. In phobia, a person is very afraid of a particular situation, object, thing. In this, you become completely incapable of doing any work properly.

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Anxiety disorder treatment

You can get it treated by a psychologist or psychiatrist. Anxiety disorder can be treated in many ways. This includes cognitive behavioral therapy, natural therapy such as healthy eating, following a lifestyle, certain medications that reduce anxiety, etc.

Remedies to remove Anxiety

If you have anxiety, then you should take full care of your diet to save yourself from falling into the grip of anxiety disorder. Eat healthy foods. Include plenty of vegetables, fruits, meats, fish, nuts, whole grains. This reduces the risk of getting anxiety disorder. Also, consume probiotics, fermented foods to improve mental health. Caffeine, excessive consumption of tea can further increase anxiety. Quit alcohol, smoking. Exercise daily. Do meditation. do yoga.

When to go to the doctor in case of anxiety

Anxiety can make you weak. In such a situation, if your symptoms are severe, then definitely seek help from a specialist. If you feel anxious every day and experience one or more of the symptoms listed above for six months, you should be alert. These could be signs of an anxiety disorder. It can be treated only by a good psychologist. (Disclaimer: All the information and advice written in this article is given for general information only. Before getting rid of anxiety or adopting any tips, please consult a doctor.)


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