These five yoga poses could aid in easing the symptoms of osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis causes bones to weaken to the point that they can’t help support the weight of your body. Perhaps your mother is suffering through the same issues. With these yoga postures you can offer relief from this issue.

The most frequent bone issues is osteoporosis. It affects over 10 million people each calendar year within India alone and over 200 million people across the world. Literally translated as ‘porous bone’ it is a chronic disease in which the bones are weak enough that they’re unable to sustain you.

With the staggering amount of cases, it’s essential to be cognizant of the significance of maintaining bone health. Bones are the essential structure for our body as well as protecting our vital organs like the heart and brain. Bones live tissues and contain numerous important minerals like calcium and phosphorous.

If you or a loved one is suffering from osteoporosis, there are some rules that you must follow. Since your bones are more prone to fracture or injury due to osteoporosis. It’s not advisable to perform any intense exercises in this condition. Do not stand for extended periods of time or working in stressful environments.

The positive side is the fact that bone mass can be increased by yogic practice, such as the asanas. Try pranayama and meditation using the following yoga postures during your fitness routine. Assist each one for 30 seconds, then repeat three times. Do these exercises regularly for up to 6 months in order to reap the benefits.

1 Dandasana (Staff Pose)

  • Begin by sitting down and extending your legs until you are ready to begin the asana
  • As you join your heels, lift your toes up.
  • Maintain your back straight
  • Then tighten your thighs, pelvis and the muscles of your calves
  • Be sure to keep your eyes on the future.
  • Place your hands on the floor, positioned by your hips to support your spine.
  • Relax your shoulders
  • remain there for approximately 30 seconds

2 Prasarita Padottanasana

  • Lay down on your back and begin lying on it (you may make use of a wall to support you in case you need it)
  • Maintain your legs straight, as you lift your hips to the ceiling.
  • Relax your eyes, close your eyes, and shut your eyes and breathe slowly
  • You can hold and lift each leg while keeping the legs straight.
  • Perform this pose in 30 secs or until you are comfortable with it.

3 Vajrasana (Thunderbolt pose)

  • Straighten your posture and place your arms close to your sides
  • take a few minutes to sit down while bent knees
  • Place your pelvis over your heels, and place your toes on top of each other.
  • The posture should be in such a way where your legs press on your calves muscles.
  • Let your ankles stretch a bit
  • and place your palms over your knees
  • Straighten your back, then take a look ahead
  • Maintain this posture for 30 seconds

4-Plank Pose

  • lay down on your stomach and lie down
  • Place your palms beneath your shoulders, and then lift your pelvis, upper body and knees.
  • Make sure your toes are firmly on the floor, and keep knees straight.
  • Be sure that your knees your pelvis, as well as your spine are aligned.
  • Your wrists should rest just above your shoulders and your arms should be straight.
  • Maintain this position for 30 seconds.


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