Tips To Buy A Yoga Mat Online

You’ve just cast your ballot for Yoga mat online purchase – and there’s more to come! Before you get to the checkout counter, try reading these easy-to-follow reviews to find the best Yoga Mat for you. Material: TPE. Meditation Mantra Yoga Mat 5 MM This lightweight, durable yoga mat is among the most popular options in India when it comes to selecting one with a subtle 6 mm thickness. This yoga mat remains flat when unrolled and has a textured surface.

Size: Usually, most Yoga Mats is available in four different sizes, either small medium, large or extra large. If you’re getting ready for a Yoga class, it would be a good idea to get a slightly larger mat since it can help you perform poses that you couldn’t otherwise do with a smaller yoga mat online. When you shop online for a yoga mat online, make sure to read the specifications and measurements given beside each product’s picture. This will let you know how much extra room you’ll need for storage as well as if the product would fit your needs. This will also help you see which brands and sizes are generally the best sellers.

Brands: With so many Yoga Mats brands to choose from, it’s important to first narrow down your search by knowing what kind of material your Yoga Mat is made of. The most common material for Yoga Mats is Cotton / Lycra, followed by Memory Cotton and CoolMax. Yoga Mats made of Cotton/Lycra tend to be more affordable than those made of Memory and CoolMax, but they don’t have as much stretch as the other two. On the flip side, a Yoga Mat made of 100% pure CoolMax is probably the most expensive of all the mats. This material has all-around high performance, and very little stretch. It can be very comfortable to use because it conforms to your body at all times.

Size: Another thing to consider when shopping for a Yoga Mat online is how large its size should be. If you plan on doing lots of yoga exercises and moving around on your mat often, then it’s best to go with the largest size possible. You can find Yoga Mats in different sizes – from small, medium, large and extra large – and all have different specific features. For instance, the biggest Yoga Mat available online is the Foamex 10 inch Yoga Mat. Other mats that may be right for you include the Stott Pilates Yoga Mat or the Life Fitness Yoga Mat.

Choose a vendor that offers the products at the best prices. A great deal on yoga mats from reputed brands doesn’t mean anything if the product is inferior and of low quality. It is essential to check the reputation of the online vendor by reading about his online reviews, talking to other users and checking out recommendations on the web. Buying yoga mat online from an experienced seller gives the buyer peace of mind and enables the shopper to get the best possible deal.

Versatility: You also need to look at the kind of Yoga Mats that are available online. Different yoga exercises require different types of yoga mats. For example, a thin yoga mat online suitable for Bikram yoga might not be as effective if used for Power yoga or Chakra yoga.

Brands: Buying mats for yoga poses, does not always have to be a difficult task. In fact, there are several brands of yoga mats available in the market today. Most popular brands include Anoush, Mats, Power yoga, Pure Yoga and more. You can read reviews and compare prices before choosing the right type of Yoga Mat for you. There are many online stores selling Yoga Mats. It is easier to choose a store which offers discounted price, good quality and prompt after sales service.

Guarantee: Warranties provide buyers additional protection when buying Yoga Accessories like yoga asanas and yoga mats. Some guarantee lasts for one year while some guarantee lasts for six months. Some even offer money back in case the product is not genuine. Before buying any product from an unknown website, it is important to check the authenticity, safety and genuineness of the product through multiple sources. Reputable and genuine websites will always offer guarantees to protect the buyers from any harm or loss in the future.


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