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What an Isha Yoga Centre Can Offer to You


Isha Yoga is a spiritual, non profit, organisation started in 1992 on the outskirts of Coimbatore, India. It then became one of the biggest attractions for all people who visit Tamil Nadu. Isha Foundation is now a leading nonprofit, charitable organisation, based in Chennai, India. It now hosts the Isha Yoga Center, which provides yoga programs under the title Isha Yoga. The centre is run completely by dedicated volunteers and boasts of more than 9 million members. The centre was created to spread the knowledge and benefit of yoga in the non profit sector in the country.

The major objective of this centre is to provide quality education to people of all ages. The Isha Yoga centre now delivers many retreats and programs at various destinations throughout the country. Some of the places that are famous for Isha Yoga centres are Chennai, Kovalam, Alleppey, Cochin, Coorg, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kollam and many others. These centres are run on the following principle: “Isha means Truthfulness and than means discipline”. All the teachings provided by the Isha Yoga centre are in compliance with the ideals of the traditional yogis.

One of the major activities of the Isha Yoga centre is the delivery of specialized training to individuals and groups. Initial training provided by the centre is in the field of adiyogi or yoga exercises. In adiyogi, students learn the basic yoga postures and the asana and pranayama. The next stage is to go through a series of practical training sessions in which students learn advanced yoga postures.

The next important activity is ‘chaturanga reiki’ or ‘photographic yoga centre’. This is conducted in Coimbatore and is supervised by an experienced yogi. The entire training is conducted in a serene environment, using traditional equipment. The primary objective of the photo courtesy program is to introduce the candidates to all the aspects of photography, including colour, light, poses and other important aspects.

The Isha Yoga centre has been successful in providing trained yoga volunteers to a number of programmes in the districts of Chennai. Among the most prominent programmes under the program are ‘Sarvangasana’, ‘Rajasthan Bachai’, ‘Shirodhara Samhita’, ‘Purvottansana’, ‘Abhinaya Mandala’ and ‘Shirodhara.’ There are also numerous other programmes in the list of ‘Rajasthan Bachai’, ‘Abhinaya Mandala’ and ‘Shirodhara Samhita’. Among the volunteers who have participated in the photo programme and benefited from the yoga training are Abhishekhar Vaidya, Subodh Gupta, Gautam, Manish Kumar, Kanhopatra, Priyadarshan, Nandimukhi, Sundaram, and Subodh.

Another major benefit of this centre is that they help the new as well as the experienced students to practice yoga in a tranquil atmosphere, which is devoid of any kind of external stress or noise. This is possible thanks to the dynamic effort put forth by the adhyogi and other Isha Yoga instructors. In order to facilitate the spiritual growth of their trainees, the instructors conduct special classes in which the students learn to meditate under the guidance of an experienced yoga instructor. These classes are called as ‘Manasana’, ‘Pranjali Samhita’, ‘Vatikaushmi’, and ‘Mantra Parvak.’

All in all, it can be said that the Isha Yoga Centre has many advantages and benefits to offer to anyone who is willing to learn yoga. However, it should be remembered that irrespective of the popularity of any particular yoga program or teacher, it is only possible to experience genuine, authentic yoga from an authentic yoga centre. For this reason, anyone looking for an Isha Yoga Centre in Tamil Nadu should be careful about selecting one. It is recommended that one should go for a reputed centre so that they can get authentic training and lessons. Apart from benefiting yoga enthusiasts, these schools have also made a significant contribution to the economy of the state since many of their students’ work professionals and bring home a steady income.



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