Yoga asanas to relieve stress 5 yoga poses will help to reduce anxiety and stress.


According to research carried out in conjunction with ICICI Lombard General Insurance, the women of 74 percent while 80 per cent of males suffer from stress due to the demands of work and lack of sleep. Many people are awake all night because of anxiety. To relieve this anxiety, people are looking for ways to relax such as teas, sound therapy , and spa treatments. But one of the best methods to reduce stress isn’t new and is a long-standing method: Yoga. The practice of yoga can lower blood pressure and eases the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Yoga is not just an effective stress-buster but also very efficient in relieving physical tension. Here’s a list of yoga poses that can aid in reducing anxiety and stress.

1. Sukhasana (Easy pose)

Sukhasana can lengthen your spine, and also open your hips. It helps you calm down and relieve anxiety. It also helps decrease physical and mental fatigue.

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How to begin: Begin by sitting up with your spine straight and your legs spread in front of your. Then bend your knees, then place your left foot under your right knee and place your right foot underneath the left knee. Keep your knees and palms resting on the knees. Adjust your neck, head and your spine. Focus your focus on your breath. Maintain this position for 60 seconds before you swap the crossed legs.

2. Balasana (Child’s position)

Balasana can benefit your lymphatic system as well as your nervous system. It helps to relax your mind and relieve tension. It will stretch your thighs, ankles and hips. It helps relieve back and neck discomfort.How to start: Begin by kneeling and sitting in a seated position on the floor. Next, bend forward until your thighs are touching your chest. Your hands should rest on your side. Maintain this position as long as you can and take deep breaths.

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3. Asana Paschimottana (Seated bent forward)

Paschimottanasana can stretch the spine and hamstrings as well as your lower back. In addition to relieving stress, this posture can alleviate symptoms of PMS as well as improve digestion. stimulating the liver, lessen fatigue, and ease the symptoms of menopausal symptoms.

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How to begin Begin by laying on your back with your feet extended toward the front. Then bend forward until your stomach is touching your legs. Make sure your feet are in your hands. Keep in this posture for 30 second then return to your original position.

4. Ananda Balasana (Happy baby pose)

Ananda Balasana will help calm your mind and ease stress and fatigue. It gently stretch your spine and your groin.

How to perform it: Lay on your back, lying down with your legs extended . Place your arms by your side. Then you can bend your knees toward your stomach. Relax your hands and then hold your feet. Widen your knees and hold this position for 60 seconds.

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5. Uttanasana (Standing forward bend)

Uttanasana helps alleviate mild stress and depression. It helps calm your brain and help to stimulate your kidneys as well as your liver. It can also help strengthen your knees, stretch your calves, hips and hamstrings.

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How to accomplish it: Stand straight and move to the side. Your body should be stretched until you can touch your palms to the floor. Then straighten your legs to achieve a more intense stretch. Keep this posture for three to four long breaths, and then return to your original position.


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