Yoga Blocks for Beginners

Yoga is the most accessible exercise there is, but it can still be challenging to get started. If you are new to yoga, you may find yourself having trouble getting started and then dropping off the plan. That’s when yoga bricks come into play. Yoga bricks are a solid, level surface of firm but flexible material, like cork or hard foam rubber, used mainly as props in yoga exercise.

yoga bricks

There are a couple of ways to make yoga bricks. The easiest way is to use two blocks that are the same size, but cut in half. You can then glue them together with a special yoga braid joint compound. Another method uses one long block and two shorter blocks, called a urethra gem. Urethra gem blocks are not as flexible and are more difficult to work with, but they work just as well.

The yoga bricks you use need to be the right size for your hands. Too big and they will be heavy; too small and they will be flimsy. When you are measuring for your yoga props, use a tape measure to get the exact size of the blocks you want. When buying your blocks, go to a yoga-supply store so that you can test the dimensions against the ones you are considering buying. Make sure the measurements are close enough so that you will have enough extra to roll the bricks around in before yoga practice. This will also allow you to see if the blocks are going to be a nuisance, or if they will fit snugly in your hands.

Most yoga bricks are designed to support the torso, especially for beginners. For example, trikonasana (triangle pose) requires the body to stand with the legs apart at shoulder width. With yoga blocks, this is easy to do, and the blocks can be stacked on top of one another to increase firmness. The easiest yoga poses for beginners to try are the basic ones:

If you’re thinking of learning yoga poses that require the use of the head, then it will be important to have yoga blocks to practice headstands and the dog, headstand and half-moon poses. For beginners, it helps to know what types of yoga blocks you can get because there are different types available. Two most common blocks are cork blocks and wooden blocks.

There are several yoga exercises using lightweight yoga bricks that can help you lose excess weight. The basic yoga poses performed on lightweight blocks include the triangle and cobra bends, plank variations, and basic twists and poses like the triangle. To tone muscles and reduce fat, you can also perform yoga blocks that increase your flexibility. You can use the extra height for yoga poses that stretch and lengthen the spine. To relieve stress on the back and neck, you can also stretch the muscles on the sides of your body.

There are several ways to practice yoga without the use of yoga blocks. You can get creative by combining yoga with the use of props like bolsters, yoga straps, yoga blocks, yoga blankets, blocks on mats, and yoga blocks on chairs. However, all yoga poses should be done on a mat or floor.

As mentioned earlier, yoga bricks come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Most people prefer to buy yoga bricks that have a unique shape or color. When buying, you must ensure that the blocks are strong enough to hold their own weight. You can also opt to get extra-large props if you want to add more height to your props.


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