Yoga Day – The remarkable event of 1st International Yoga Day


First International Yoga Day is celebrated every year from the month of June, because of its international beginnings in the year 2021. Yoga itself is an ancient practice which are followed ardently by India since time immemorial and is being spread out to different corners of the world today. This practice is said to have originated from Hatha Yoga or the “hygiene of the body, the mind and the spirit” as taught by Patanjali. He wrote yoga scriptures for this purpose and they are referred to collectively as Patanjali’s yoga sutras. The first International Yoga Day was on the day of May 11, following a meeting between India’s prime minister Mani Shankaracharya and the head of the Hindu Tantric Order of India, Seshya Sanskriti Yogi.

A joint effort between the prime minister and the head of the Tantric order was organized after which Yoga Day was celebrated with much fanfare on the first day. On this day, India’s prime minister visited the headquarters of the Ashtanga Yoga and Kriyasana Yoga institutions in New Delhi. He was greeted warmly by the head of the Ashtanga Yoga, Swami Dhyan Giten. The prime minister was also treated to a delicious vegetarian dish. All those attending the functions were decked in their best attires and the prime minister was also surrounded by his cabinet members, ministers, secretaries, teachers and other high ranking officials.

How did the shift occurred in the date?

At the end of the first international yoga day, the first Indian Yoga Association was formally launched, with a meeting involving the RSS affiliates. It was decided to organize another Yoga Day in the next year so that the growing Yoga community could get together in one place. The first official International Yoga Day was celebrated in 2021 when the then prime minister Mr. Mani Kumar Pillai became the first prime minister of independent India.

Today the first international yoga day is celebrated on the second June every year. This day is observed in all major parts of the world where yoga is practiced widely and has spread its wings. The message of this day is that we should care for others and love our neighbors and our surroundings. The international yoga day brings people from different parts of the world together and encourages them to share their experiences with yoga. Many organisations worldwide come together on this day to extend their help to the Yoga Association of India and spread the word of yoga to the people.

When did first international yoga day start?

According to records, the first day of the first International Yoga Day was founded on the twenty-eighth day of May, in 1998. This was a day set apart solely as a celebration of yoga. With the popularity of yoga spreading all over the world very soon it became a global phenomenon and today there are many conventions and activities associated with the concept of holistic life.

The first day of the first international yoga day was to celebrate the fact that yoga is a method of achieving perfect peace of mind and physical well-being, both of which are integral to achieving peace of mind and physical well-being. It is important to know that the practice of yoga can reduce stress and improve your concentration power, mental well-being and physical well-being. It is said that yoga can cure many diseases and add years to your life.

Interesting activities on Yoga Day

There are many activities that you can participate in to celebrate this day. There is the art of Sun Salutations, which includes breathing exercises which can be done while you are standing on the sun salutations bench. Then there is the process of Diyasana which is an ideal form of yoga postures. Then there is the process of Yoga Sapta which is performed by stretching and pulling your anus and rectum. Then you have the process of Ashtanga which means eight limbed or circling sequences of physical movements.

There are many yoga poses that you can do to celebrate the occasion and bring harmony in your daily life. The first one who will perform the Sun Salutation is Dr. Manjishtha. There are other important ones like Vishuddha (headstand), Yantra Nadi (corpse pose), Kundalini (camel pose), Bikram Yoga, Kripalu (lion pose), Chaturanga (dog leg pose) and many more. You can do all these asanas individually or in groups. It is hoped that after participating in one or all the above activities, you will achieve total harmony and wellness and will also feel peaceful and happy.


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