Yoga Pants With a Legging on Top


Yoga pants – a must wear for yoga exercises

Yoga pants are very important clothing accessory for yoga. They are stretchable tight fitting pants intended for yoga exercises and first released in 1998 by Lululemon a popular company dedicated to that cause. They originally only were made of a combination of Lycra and nylon; more specialized fabrics were later introduced to give moisture-wicking, breath-deflecting, and odor reduction qualities. Since then, yoga pants have expanded significantly to include more materials that are beneficial for yoga exercises.

Types of yoga pants

There are many types of yoga pants with many styles to choose from. The first of which is the traditional yoga pants that fit just above the hips. This type has a very loose fit at the waist and thighs with a tight waistband around the hips. Often, this type has no elasticity in the waist area. They are made with stiffeners so they don’t get too baggy around the hips. Most of these have a low rise waist and usually no stretch.

The next type of yoga pants is known as compression shorts or thongs. These tight pants that cover the lower half of the hips and are worn in yoga classes. Usually, they are made with a snap fly opening. They can come with or without a crotch area, depending on the instructor’s preference. These are quite comfortable to wear and do not offer a lot of compression.

Another style of yoga pants is the hip flex pair. These pants have a high waist and are usually stretchy. The most flexible pair would be the pair made from Spandex and have a Lycra spandex blend. However, most people prefer the standard cotton pants.

The wide waistband yoga pants are another type that offer comfort and compression. Their snaps in the crotch area are designed in a way to allow ease when wearing them. The materials used in making these pants are usually cotton blended with spandex or Lycra spandex. This type is most ideal for people who want to make sure their bodies are comfortable in whatever they are wearing. These also have wide waistbands so the comfort level is at its optimum.

Seamless drawstring yoga pants are one of the most comfortable types of pants there is. These pants feature a drawstring at the side of the waist to make it even more comfortable. Because of the drawstring on the sides, these pants do not ride up one’s waist. These pants also come with an optional back pocket so the owner can carry their yoga mat with them.

Do I need to wear yoga pants with a tight fitting top?

The answer to this question is no. In fact, yoga pants with loose-fitting tops are the most in demand today. There are a lot of women out there who love the fact that they can still look cool and stylish without sacrificing comfort. Although yoga pants with tight tops would not fit perfectly, there are some brands that have skirted over the pants so they can be made to fit right. Women with smaller backs can consider using this type if they have a smaller bust.

If all your friends encourage you to buy a yoga pants with a legging on top, then you better prepare yourself to be in for a hot date. You may be asking for some attention but you may not be expecting all of the affection that you will be getting. When you are wearing a pair of sheer alo leggings coupled with a fitted shirt, you will definitely turn some heads. These pieces are perfect for the summer and especially for casual yoga sessions.


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