Yoga Poses for Constipation Relief


Each of us is familiar with constipation and pain that comes with it. The reason may be due to your routine, your diet and travel or even a the absence of physical activity. It is basically a sign that you’re suffering from hard and dry stools which are difficult to get rid of. This results in lower bowel movements per day. Some people go for months without having bowel movements and this can lead to constipation that is chronic and permanent damages to the urinary system. If you want to find a natural solution, consider the seven yoga poses that are the top to help with Constipation Relief.

Constipation Symptoms

  • Troublesome or painful Bowel Motions
  • No Bowel Movement for more than 3 days
  • Dry and hard stools
  • Extra Strain or effort to move stool
  • Feeling I’m Bloated
  • Swollen Abdomen
  • Feeling tired
  • Flatulence or Gassiness or
  • The lower abdomen is a source of pain.

What can cause Constipation? The most common causes include:

Hypothyroidism Thyroid gland – which is located in the neck’s upper part of the neck is responsible for the metabolism (BMR) within the body. Hypothyroidism or under-active thyroid is a condition that is associated with issues like constipation and weight growth.

Poor Diet It is among the main causes of constipation that is chronic for adults. Inability to eat on time, and consuming processed food and refined food items.

Diabetes Uncontrolled Diabetes because of a low levels of insulin hormone affects blood sugar levels. The rise in blood sugars causes damage to the nerves , causing constipation.

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) – The precise cause of IBS is unclear. However, abdominal pain, bloating and constipation symptoms are observed in IBS.

Overuse of LaxativeOveruse of laxatives can make you dependent on them. This can make your digestive movements less efficient and leads to constipation.

Depression and stress If you’re stressed and depressed, you may feel physically tired. In addition, the consumption of foods that are high in sugar can cause an increase and could cause constipation.

Constipation resulting from pregnancy Constipation due to pregnancyThis kind of constipation is common due to hormonal changes. The stool movement slows. The increase in fibrous foods can help.

Insufficiently drinking liquids or water Constipation is caused by dehydration. 75% of our body is comprised of water. Water keeps the stool and feces soft and aids in elimination of bowels. If you don’t take enough fluids, the intestines will absorb more water, which causes dry and hard feces.

Medical TreatmentsSometimes because of the over-use of medications like calcium tables, Iron supplements , etc. can cause constipation.

Refusing to Urge Reasons may be numerous because of office meetings, travel or other factors. The faeces are then caused to dry and hard and makes it painful to pass through and is the most common reason for constipation in adults.

Yoga is a total treatment system that gives an end to constipation. It is important to have a routine for your day. Drinking warm water throughout the day can be beneficial. Walking is the most effective exercise. The food habits you choose to follow are vital. If you’re eating lots of unhealthy and processed fast food, it will impact your body’s systems and the way your digestive system process food.

Food can give you relief from constipation. You should also know of the tools your body requires to ensure that all of your body systems work like a well-oiled engine. It is essential to eat a healthy diet in light of the stressful and hectic daily life that many people don’t pay attention to their daily eating habits. Avoid fast foods such as pizzas, refined flours and pizzas pasta, and processed food. Include more fibrous fruits. Eating a small plate each morning between lunch and breakfast is beneficial. Include more of the seasonal vegetables such as Palak or meethi green fibrous veggies, etc. The most effective food items that can help to alleviate constipation naturally include Yoghurt (curd), Mangoes and whole grains (flax seeds sunflower seeds, flax seeds.) Consuming at least 12 glasses of fluid is essential daily. Buttermilk and herbal teas are both recommended.

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Learn the Yoga Poses to help with Constipation Relief and experience the difference

Recommended Yoga Pranayama for Constipation relief-

Pranayama IV This is an extremely beneficial breathing exercise that focuses on abdominal muscles are conditioned and the movement of the belly assists to improve digestion. Regular pranayama practice can treat other conditions like stomach disorders, insomnia acidity, and belly fat.

Vajrasana (also known as The Adamant Pose – Provides uniform postural fixation and corrects postural flaws. Improves blood flow to the abdominal area – assists in improving digestion. It is beneficial in a variety of conditions, including constipation that is chronic, stomach problems and digestive disorders. Improves flexibility of the lower limbs and improves digestion organs as well as digestion tract. It is regarded as one of the top yoga asanas to treat constipation and ingestion.Vajrasana also known as The Adamant Pose

Bhujangasana and Cobra Pose or Cobra Pose – The pose is beneficial and can help improve digestion system. This yoga posture strengthens abdominal muscles, and cleanses your entire digestive tract. This is helpful in treating constipation as well as digestion issues.Bhujangasana or the Cobra Pose

Halasana and Halasana or Plough Pose This posture helps increase the strength of the abdominal muscles, and also reduces stress. It increases abdominal viscera, as well as organs, and helps improve digestion. Halasana or the Plough Pose

Side view of young attractive woman practicing yoga, stretching in Halasana exercise, Plough pose, working out wearing sportswear, pants and top, indoor full length, white loft studio background

Pavanamuktasana also known as the Wind-Relieving Pose It’s effective for eliminating gas and helping to improve the digestion. The yoga poses are considered the best for constipation , indigestion and constipation. This pose provides substantial relief from flatulence by speeding up the motion and elimination of the flatus in the intestine. Helps with constipation that is chronic and slow-moving liver.Pavanamuktasana or the Wind-Relieving Pose

Paschimottanasana as well as the Forward Bending Pose – An ideal asana for constipation and digestive problems. The deep abdominal pressure massages your abdominal visceraand alleviates conditions due to constipation, weak digestion and a sluggish liver. The back is strengthened and stimulated muscles as well as abdominal organs.Paschimottanasana

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Dhanurasana also known as Bow Pose – This posture strengthens all abdominal organs. Anyone suffering from gas and digestion issues should do Dhanurasana frequently. The pose helps prevent diseases by helping to eliminate them through abdominal pressure.Dhanurasana or the Bow Pose


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