Yoga Sex Therapies for Better Enjoyment


Yoga sex – a perfect remedy to spice up your desire

Yoga sex is the application of natural yoga poses during intercourse. Often times, one person takes the lead in yoga sex positions, while the other person either enters them and stimulates them, or they perform the entire thing without penetration. However, in yoga sex or tantra sex, two or more partners may also take the same yoga posture or a different one altogether. This practice is not limited to yoga, but it is an important component of tantra sex.

Will it cause any complications?

Many women who engage in tantric or yoga sex are hesitant to do so because they are afraid of what yoga sex will do to their bodies. Fortunately, there is nothing complicated about yoga sex. The practice is simply a stretching exercise and once mastered, there is no limit as to how many positions or types of positions can be explored during a yoga sex session. There are three primary yoga sex positions that anyone can try. They are commonly referred to as the bridge pose, the semi-erect pose, and the semi-circular position.

Yoga sex positions

Bridge pose is often referred to as the yoga sex yoga position. It is ideal for those who wish to explore their sexuality with another person. The pose can be performed with one or both partners lying down, with one or both sitting on top of each other. One person may kneel on top of the other. Alternately, one person may lie face down, while the other lays on top of that person.

One important aspect of bridge yoga sex that couples need to be aware of is karma yoga sex. Kama yoga involves adjustments and changes to the bodily positions that provide sexual stimulation and pleasure. If the adjustments do not occur, then couples may find that they have a difficult time enjoying the sexual activity that they are having. Kama yoga has to do with the physical as well as the mental aspects of a couple’s relationship. Therefore, it is important for each individual to learn and practice karma yoga, especially if the yoga sex positions are new to them.

In addition to these two poses, another form of yoga sex therapy that couples can explore together is tantra yoga sex therapy. Tantra means to join together. In this type of sexual therapy, individuals learn how to bring themselves closer to one another. There are various techniques and rituals that are used in tantra sex therapy. This ancient Indian form of medicine has helped people develop their sexuality beyond the conventional limits.

One of the most popular yoga sex positions is shavasana, or “shoulderstand.” In shavasana, which is sometimes referred to as the warrior pose, the couple faces each other and holds one shoulder with the palms of their hands, with their fingertips pointing upwards. The other person’s palms are placed on the shoulder blades. In order to practice shavasana, the couple must first stretch their muscles so that their shoulders and arms are relaxed. Next, they must engage in a sexual performance – either visual or manual – by thrusting both sides of their pelvis and their elbows into the air.

In kundalini tantra sex therapy, couples are often guided into a position where the buttocks of one person are placed upon the back of the other. The intention here is to bring one another closer and create an emotional connection. In yoga lingo, this act is referred to as co-regulation. Co-regulation is a powerful energy shift; one person shifting their emotional center to meet that of the other, creating a union of souls. Kundalini tantra is designed to awaken and transform the Kundalini, which is the sexual energy of our beings, to bring it into conscious union with our higher selves.

Don’t miss the chance to stimulate some important occasions

Whether or not you choose to incorporate yoga poses into your sex life depends upon your individual circumstances. If you find that you do not feel sexually arousal, you may want to practice a few yoga positions in the bedroom that will help you to relax and to tune out the world for a while. Alternatively, you may be ready for more intense and stimulating yoga exercises, such as sadhana. Whatever you decide to do, however, you will be making significant improvements in your intimate relationships. By bringing yoga into the bedroom – or vice versa – you will discover a deeper connection and greater flexibility within yourself.


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